2 Twins trade rumors we hope come true, 1 we hope doesn't happen

The trade deadline is finally here. Here is hoping that the Twins don't find a way to screw it up.
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Tommy Pham could be a nice righty bat for the Twins to add at the deadline

Turning back to the Twins' need for a bat, there are some interesting rental options available that should help balance their lineup out without having to commit top prospects to acquire them. One such option that the Twins have been keeping tabs on is the Mets' Tommy Pham.

Pham seems to be available at the deadline every single year no matter where he is playing. His previous three seasons were decidedly lackluster as he average just a .696 OPS with the Padres and Reds, but he isn't that far removed from being a 3+ WAR player and he has put up an encouraging .268/.348/.472 line with the Mets this season.

The Mets are clearly in sell mode right now and as a pending free agent, Pham should be able to be had for a reasonable price. While his splits this year against lefty pitchers haven't been great, he has typically hit them better than righties with a career .846 OPS against southpaws. A deal for Pham as nice value pickup feels like a very Twins move.

That being said, some sort of rule against intersquad fantasy football may be needed if Minnesota does trade for Pham. He takes it very, very seriously and the Twins don't need any more injury problems.

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