2 Twins trade rumors we hope come true, 1 we hope doesn't happen

The trade deadline is finally here. Here is hoping that the Twins don't find a way to screw it up.
Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
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Minnesota trading away Sonny Gray would be a mistake

Given how heavily the trade market currently favors sellers right now, it is fair for the Twins to at least poke around and see what they could get for their pending free agents. If the current reporting is any indication, sellers are asking for a LOT for their pitchers right now and contenders may be forced to pay a premium to get the quality pitching depth they want.

However, one rumor that has popped up recently that should absolutely not happen is that the Minnesota Twins were listening to offers for Sonny Gray. Gray is a pending free agent and this market is very tempting to be sure, but Minnesota needs to avoid moving him unless someone throws a crazy offer at them.

While the Twins aren't a particularly inspiring team at the moment, they are still leading the division and their chief competition at the moment, the Guardians, just traded away one of their best pitchers in Aaron Civale for some reason. It would make no sense for the Twins to do Cleveland any favors and do the same when the division title is ripe for the taking.

Sure, trading away a guy like Kenta Maeda who is less of an impact arm is a perfectly rational idea. He isn't doing much for the Twins this year and could help restock Minnesota's farm system. However, Gray is a Cy Young candidate this year and trading him away when the Twins are in the driver's seat for a playoff spot would be a terrible signal to send to the clubhouse. Never say never because everyone has a price, but the Twins need to get their hair really blown back to consider trading Gray.