Is Carlos Correa still worth the gamble for Minnesota Twins?

Minnesota Twins shortstop Carlos Correa reacts to his double against the Kansas City Royals. (Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports)
Minnesota Twins shortstop Carlos Correa reacts to his double against the Kansas City Royals. (Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports) /

Just when you thought that the Carlos Correa decision was made — for the second time — it appears that the Minnesota Twins are back in the mix once again for the superstar shortstop.

At least three MLB insiders have mentioned the Twins as a potential landing spot after Correa’s deal with the New York Mets hit a snag due to a medical red flag. Jon Heyman and Greg Joyce from the New York Post initially name-dropped the Twins, with Jim Bowden going as far as to say there’s a “strong possibility” Correa ends up back in Minnesota when all is said and done.

“I think [the Twins] are willing to a little more of a risk on the medicals than either the Giants or Mets were in terms of years and dollars. So we’ll see how this plays out but I think progress is being made here…but the Minnesota Twins are back and front-and-center in the Carlos Correa thing.” Bowden said on Friday. “There is a possibility that the Minnesota Twins pick out Carlos Correa from under the Mets noses.”

For Minnesota Twins fans, this is getting exhausting. After Correa left his deal with the San Francisco Giants to join the New York Mets, it was a disheartening blow for fans whose team had clearly built their free agent plans around Correa. Now, it seems once again that things aren’t entirely over.

What sort of deal should the Twins offer Carlos Correa?

With Correa continuing to fail physicals, the Twins are back in the mix. Based on the rumors, the Twins (who were always looking for a shorter deal with the superstar) are still interested in offering Correa a lucrative shorter term deal to poach him away from the Mets.

There are both positives and negatives to this plan for the Twins. On the plus side, the Twins actually appear to be in the mix for one of baseball’s brightest stars once again. If the team were to re-sign Correa, the offseason would go from absolute disaster to moderate success.

Correa, Vazquez, Gallo, and a potential Max Kepler trade would represent a good job of addressing the team’s major needs, and would set the team up well to compete in a still-weak American League Central once again.

Sure, it’s likely that Correa agent Scott Boras are just using the Twins as leverage and he will almost certainly get a deal done to join the New York Mets, but there’s no doubt that signing him would be a huge get, even with injury risks.

The Minnesota Twins need that superstar level player, and Carlos Correa represents that. Even if the team is just being yanked along as puppets in Boras’ dance, it’s worth being a partner if there’s a chance he lands in Minnesota yet again.

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