Minnesota Twins: New Uniforms and Logos on the way for 2023

A view of the Minnesota Twins logo on the jersey worn by Royce Lewis. (Photo by David Berding/Getty Images)
A view of the Minnesota Twins logo on the jersey worn by Royce Lewis. (Photo by David Berding/Getty Images) /

Not a lot has gone right this season for the Minnesota Twins in 2022. After a promising young start to the year and an active deadline from President of Baseball Operations Derek Falvey, the team has collapsed out of first place in the American League Central, and eventually out of a playoff spot altogether, a feeling of apathy and complacency has settled in.

Changes to the roster are desperately needed for 2023, but in the midst of an especially lackluster September, the team has announced some early changes for 2023. While speaking to the Star Tribune, team President Dave St. Peter announced that the Twins will overhaul their logo and uniforms for the upcoming season.

 The Minnesota Twins will undergo a logo and uniform overhaul for the 2023 season.

We can only hope these changes will aspire to other more significant ones on the roster, to hopefully lead this team back to the postseason, and that starts by retaining Carlos Correa, who seems open to the idea of a long-term career with the Twins under his terms (or adequately replacing him in the open market if it comes to that).

During the interview, St. Peter brought up the team’s desire to emulate what the San Diego Padres did in their recent overhaul, paying tribute to the team’s rich history while also being mindful of the future, and being bold in its changes. With that in mind, the Twins will maintain their color scheme.

Another point made by the Twins President was that baseball has gotten to a point where most franchises have enough of a history to establish a “forever look”, and that’s what the Twins hope with this change. To establish an identity that lasts in the long run and is not just one of many changes in years to come.

It’s hard to comment further without a peak at what we’ll see from the Twins in 2023, but we all look forward to the new logo and uniforms and hope that they will create something that the fans and team can be proud of.

The Twins will however maintain the Minnie and Paul handshake logo and have it be a part of the new identity, but it will be tweaked in some capacity as well. Lastly, they’ll introduce a City Connect uniform next season, but it will only be used in 2024 and won’t be available for the team and fans quite yet.

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