Minnesota Twins: Odds and End(ing)s After the Trade Deadline

Minnesota Twins first baseman Miguel Sano hits a double in the fifth inning against the Chicago White Sox. (Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports)
Minnesota Twins first baseman Miguel Sano hits a double in the fifth inning against the Chicago White Sox. (Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Trade deadline has officially passed for the Minnesota Twins, and with a lot happening for the franchise in terms of odds, ends, and new beginnings, the team finds themselves in a new spot than before.

Minnesota Twins Trade Deadline End(ing)s

Miguel Sano: A season and Twins career ending injury. Oh how we loved to thee. The quintessential home run or bust player for his Twins tenure, is home run power was meteoric with a 500 foot bomba at the ready with every swing of the bat (that connected).

Unfortunately his 162 career home runs were matched by 1042 strike outs. Boom or bust at it’s finest. It’s time for the Twins and Miguel to start fresh without each other in 2023, and it’s likely the front office feels the same way.

Alex Kirilloff: The promising, sweet-swinging lefty suffered a wrist injury last season that has left him with some bone on bone issues in his left wrist. It’s a concerning issue, not just for now, but for Alex’s career. While at this point it’s just season ending, the offseason will dictate if it’s a chronic issue. Let’s hope the injury can be corrected and we can see more of that sweet stroke.

Tyler Duffey: The once promising starter turned reliever put together two spectacular seasons in 2019 and 2020. 2021 was decent and 2022 has seen progressive dips in productivity and reliability. With an expiring contract at the end of the season and the addition of Jorge Lopez and Michael Fulmer at the trade deadline, Tyler suddenly became expendable. He was well-liked by teammates so Tyler should get another shot with somebody.

Minnesota Twins Trade Deadline Odds

100% out and thrown out: Tim Beckham/Rocco Baldelli- The veteran journeyman threw a strike to the plate Sunday which saw Gary Sanchez called for a controversial obstruction call that lead to be to the game winning run for Toronto. Baldelli rightfully earned an ejection for arguing the play:

60% chance: Brad Peacock gets called up to the bullpen if Emilio Pagan’s injury holds him out for more than a couple days. The veteran right hander has big league playoff experience and asked to be released from Kansas City for a chance to be picked up by a contender. He got his wish.

50% probability Kenta Maeda returns in September in some form as he rehabs back from off season arm surgery.

0% guarantee: That the AL Central is won in August, with a tough 5 game road trip out to California, Minnesota may lose its grip atop the Division. As stated earlier, this race is going down to the wire so the Twins and fans are going to have to grind and keep at it the whole way.

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