Minnesota Twins: Grading the Four Trades from the Twins’ Trade Deadline

Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Tyler Mahle looks to throw a pitch against the Baltimore Orioles. (David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports)
Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Tyler Mahle looks to throw a pitch against the Baltimore Orioles. (David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports) /
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The Minnesota Twins headed into the Trade Deadline in desperate need of some pitching help to aid their above average offense. The team’s lead in the division has slipped to one game, and the team needed at least one starter and reliever to help put the team back in contention.

The fans were upset, and with a deep group of prospects, they needed to make at least a couple moves. Well, luckily for the team and their fans, the front office, led by Derek Falvey and Thad Levine, went to work.

We grade the four deals the Minnesota Twins made at the Trade Deadline yesterday.

The Minnesota Twins brought back a new starter to put near the top three of their rotation, an All-Star Closer, a backup catcher, and a very strong late inning reliever, and they managed to do it without destroying their farm system. After doing so though, it’s now time to offer up some grades for those deals, starting with the minor league deal.

Minnesota Twins
Miami Marlins catcher Sandy Leon walks to home plate. (Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports) /

Minnesota Twins Trade No. 1: Twins find some catching depth

Minnesota Twins get: C Sandy Leon 

Once Ryan Jeffers went down, the Twins had to rely on Gary Sanchez and Caleb Hamilton. Both are terrible defenders, and the team needed a little extra depth at the position to help get them through to the point when Jeffers returns.

From the Twins perspective, they were able to get exactly what they needed. Sandy Leon may not be an excellent offensive catcher like he was for a single year in Boston, and he hasn’t put up any noteworthy numbers, but he’s a good defender and a capable option in case another catcher goes down.

Cleveland Guardians get: RHP Ian Hamilton

To get Leon, who has been at Triple-A almost all year, the team gave up Ian Hamilton, a reliever who’s pitched in 15 MLB games in his career. He’s had a stellar year as a 27-year-old in the high minors though, posting a 1.88 ERA, 0.837 WHIP, and a 36-8 K-BB ratio.

Final Grade:

Ian Hamilton isn’t an expensive price to pay to meet a need, as he has no path to playing time here and isn’t overly talented. The Twins could’ve added another catcher who’s more talented than Sandy Leon too, so it’s overall the least exciting and worst trade of the day. Grade: B-