Minnesota Twins: 2022 Midseason Top 50 Prospects, No. 50-21

Tanner Schobel of the Virginia Tech Hokies throws the ball to first base for an out against the North Carolina Tar Heels. (Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images)
Tanner Schobel of the Virginia Tech Hokies throws the ball to first base for an out against the North Carolina Tar Heels. (Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images) /
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Mighty Mussels infielder Will Holland throws while falling during a practice. /

Minnesota Twins Top Prospects: No. 50-41

No. 50-SS Will Holland (2022 Preseason Ranking: No. 43): Will Holland has struggled again to start this season, and despite a good OBP and plenty of steals, he’s struggled to put it all together. He’s still an athlete with upside, but without any good contact, he may be out of chances here soon.

No. 49-C/OF Andrew Bechtold (PR: No. 44): Andrew Bechtold is a mediocre hitter with some power, but he’s played 35 games at catcher in AA, which was good enough to keep him on this list. He’s 26 now, so he’s really not much of a prospect, thus him falling a few more spots.

No. 48-RHP Cody Laweryson (PR: No. 49): With the sheer number of starting pitching prospects, the Minnesota Twins converted Cody Laweryson into an almost full-time reliever, and the results have been good, with high strikeouts and a good WHIP. His status as a relief pitcher dings his value, but he’s got good stuff.

No. 47-RHP John Stankiewicz (PR: Not Ranked): An undrafted free agent in 2020, John Stankiewicz posted excellent numbers in A, limiting walks and striking out lots of batters. He’s given up more hits since his call-up to High-A, but he’s flashed some potential.

No. 46-RHP Andrew Morris (PR: Not Ranked): The Twins’ fourth round pick in this year’s MLB Draft, Morris offers a good four-pitch offering with a high floor. If his control stays solid in the pros, he could be a very solid pitcher.

No. 45-LHP Kody Funderburk (PR: Not Ranked): Kody Funderburk is a fun story as a swingman, but he followed a strong 2021 with a solid 2022 and gets his first appearance here. His control needs work, but he has good stuff and generates plenty of strikeouts.

No. 44-LHP Christian Macleod (PR: No. 45): Christian Macleod was a fifth round pick in 2021, and he sticks at No. 45 despite missing this season due to Tommy John surgery. He had good strikeout stuff and it’ll be interesting to see how he returns.

No. 43-2B/3B Jorel Ortega (PR: Not Ranked): I’m higher on him than some others might be, but Jorel Ortega had a really stellar season in his final year of college, flashing good contact, power, and vision. His glove is a bit of a question mark, and he has to prove his bat is for real, but I think there’s some hidden upside here.

No. 42-C/1B Chris Williams (PR: Not Ranked): Chris Williams has really broken onto the scene in a big way this year. Williams, an 8th Round pick in 2018, has slashed .290/.375/.589 with 17 homers in 61 games at AA this year. He’s a first baseman who can catch a little, making him an interesting prospect despite his age (will turn 26 in the offseason).

No. 41-RHP Casey Legumina (PR: No. 37): Despite a rough start to 2022, Casey Legumina’s stellar fastball and slider have MLB talent written all over them. A bullpen move would benefit him, but in the meantime, he’s got lots of strikeouts but needs some work on his command.