Minnesota Twins: Top 25 RP Trade Candidates for the Twins to Target

Pittsburgh Pirates relief pitcher David Bednar pitches against the Milwaukee Brewers. (Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports)
Pittsburgh Pirates relief pitcher David Bednar pitches against the Milwaukee Brewers. (Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Chicago Cubs relief pitcher Mychal Givens pitches against the Pittsburgh Pirates. (Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports) /

Minnesota Twins Trade Targets No. 17-No. 10: High Leverage Relievers

The next level of relievers is a group of high leverage arms that would be massive upgrades over some of the arms that the Minnesota Twins have. They’d cost a little more, but it’d be worth it to have this level of arm in the pen.

17. Lou Trivino, Oakland Athletics, RHP

At first glance, Lou Trivino might not seem like a great addition. He currently owns a 7.25 ERA, 2.060 WHIP, and 13.7 H/9. Dig a little deeper though, and there’s a lot to like. His FIP is an excellent 2.98 and is backed up by a 2.95 xFIP and 13.7 K/9 rate. His stuff looks very solid though, so if the Twins can get him for cheap, he’s worth scooping up.

16. Mychal Givens, Chicago Cubs, RHP

One of the better relievers on the free agent market this past offseason, Mychal Givens has been very solid again this season. His ERA and K/9 rates are good, and even though his fastball velocity has dropped a little bit, he’s still an very good reliever. Given his reputation and his mutual option for next year, he’ll cost quite a bit, but the Minnesota Twins should check in on if he’s available.

15. Chris Martin, Chicago Cubs, RHP

One of the Atlanta Braves’ key relievers on their championship run last year, Chris Martin has had another strong season. Unfortunately for him, he’s been wasting away in Chicago on a team that isn’t competing. Martin’s not a free agent until 2024 and would likely cost a bit more than some of these other relievers, but he’d be worth it.

14. Tanner Rainey, Washington Nationals, RHP

The second of three Nationals relievers on this list, Tanner Rainey is the team’s current closer. He’s got 11 saves, flings it at 96.9 MPH, strikes out batters at a rate of 11.08 K/9, but he walks batters at a high rate that can sometimes lead to some tough situations. He’s not a free agent until 2026, so he’ll cost a ton, but if the Twins get him, he’ll be fantastic.

13. Kyle Finnegan, Washington Nationals, RHP

Despite having a slightly worse season than Rainey, Kyle Finnegan has slightly better stuff than Rainey and his peripherals are a little bit better, so we have him listed a spot higher. They both reach free agency in 2026 too, so the Minnesota Twins would have to think long and hard about ponying up.

12. Matt Moore, Texas Rangers, LHP

Former starter turned reliever Matt Moore has made himself into one of the best lefties on the market this trade deadline. He walks a lot of batters, but his fastball is the fastest it’s ever been and it’s led to a 2.02 ERA (2.50 FIP) and a stellar 10.35 K/9 rate. If the Rangers will deal the 2023 free agent, the lefty-lacking Minnesota Twins should be interested.

11. Joe Jimenez, Detroit Tigers, RHP 

A former All-Star, Joe Jimenez is in the midst of the best season of his career, boasting some stellar numbers including a 3.34 ERA (2.51 FIP), a 0.944 WHIP, an 11.8 K/9 rate, a 2.1 BB/9 rate, and baseball savant ranks him one of the best pitchers in baseball this year. He’ll cost quite a bit to bring over, especially considering he’s not a free agent until 2024, but he’s having an elite year.

10. Diego Castillo, Seattle Mariners, RHP

If the Mariners are willing to make a deal, Diego Castillo is one of two Seattle relievers that the Twins should be all over. Castillo has excellent stuff and tons of late inning experience, and even though his ERA is high and this season isn’t as good as normal, the Twins should still place a call.