Minnesota Twins: Top 25 RP Trade Candidates for the Twins to Target

Pittsburgh Pirates relief pitcher David Bednar pitches against the Milwaukee Brewers. (Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports)
Pittsburgh Pirates relief pitcher David Bednar pitches against the Milwaukee Brewers. (Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Detroit Tigers relief pitcher Wily Peralta pitches in the fifth inning against the Kansas City Royals. (Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports) /

Minnesota Twins Trade Targets No. 25-No. 18: Middle Relievers

The first eight names on this list are all solid arms that the Minnesota Twins could add for cheap this season. They’re all solid pitchers who would be great in the middle innings and help get the Twins from the starter to Jax and Duran in a playoff game. The Twins could add any of these arms for a relatively cheap price, so they’re each worth considering.

25. Garrett Richards, Texas Rangers, RHP

A former starter, the Boston Red Sox moved Garrett Richards into a swingman role in 2022, and working as a reliever has really helped him out. This year, Richards has posted a 3.29 ERA that’s backed up by good peripheral numbers and a stellar fastball and chase rate. Richards isn’t a free agent until 2024 either (club option for 2023), so he’d be worth a look.

24. Amir Garrett, Kansas City Royals, LHP

Amir Garrett is the perfect example of a reliever the Twins should consider despite his slow start. He has a 5.85 ERA, but a 3.62 FIP, 3.55 xERA, 5.0 H/9 and a 9.90 K/9, so there’s something to like. He’s not a free agent until 2024, and the Royals likely won’t be ready to compete until then. If the Twins want a cheap, but talented arm, Garrett’s a good option.

23. Chris Stratton, Pittsburgh Pirates, RHP

Chris Stratton is in a similar boat to Amir Garrett in that he’s a really talented arm who’s struggled this year. Stratton’s been excellent since arriving in Pittsburgh, and though his ERA and WHIP are high this year, Stratton’s underlying numbers suggest he could use a change of scenery. A free agent in 2024, he’d be a good and inexpensive player for the Minnesota Twins to take a stab at.

22. Rowan Wick, Chicago Cubs, RHP

In 2019 and 2020, Rowan Wick was one of the best relievers for a Chicago Cubs team that won the National League Central. Since then, he’s struggled a bit, but his strikeout numbers are good, and like Stratton, he could probably benefit from moving to a different team. He’s not a free agent until 2026 though, so it might be expensive. The Twins should still ask regardless.

21. Carl Edwards Jr., Washington Nationals, RHP

Another reliever with some velocity, Carl Edwards Jr. has had a solid bounceback season for the Nationals this season. His ERA of 3.72 is a little worse than his xERA (2.61) and xFIP (3.51), but he’s striking out batters at an 8.69 K/9 rate. Similar to Peralta, he’s a free agent after the year, and the Nationals are hosting a fire sale, so he likely would be a solid, but cheap addition to the team.

20. Wily Peralta, Detroit Tigers, RHP

With a ERA of 2.25 and an average fastball velocity of 95.6 MPH, Wily Peralta has been excellent so far this year. His xERA and FIP are a bit higher than his ERA (his BB/9 rate of 5.63 likely played a role there), but his ability to be stretched out over a couple innings provides value too. He’s a free agent after this season, so the Tigers are unlikely to ask for a king’s ransom.

19. Jeff Hoffman, Cincinnati Reds, RHP

Only his second year as a full-time reliever, Jeff Hoffman has been one of the few bright spots on a truly terrible team. His ERA is backed up by good xERA and FIP, and he’s striking out 9.49 batters/9. He’s a free agent after 2023 too, so when the Twins try and trade for Tyler Mahle or Luis Castillo (like they should), Hoffman would be a great addition to the deal.

18. Matt Bush, Texas Rangers, RHP

One of the most underrated relievers on the trade market, Matt Bush was the No. 1 Overall Pick in the 2004 Draft. At age 36, Bush is under team control through 2024, and while his ERA (4.05), age, and current IL status are cause for concern, there’s a lot to like here.

Bush’s Baseball Savant page is gorgeous and his average fastball velocity (97.4) is elite. On top of this, his xERA (2.87), FIP (3.87), xFIP (2.94), K/9 rate (12.15), BB/9 rate (2.4), and 1.163 WHIP are all excellent numbers. If the Rangers would let him go for cheap, he’s got excellent stuff and would be a sneaky good pickup for the Twins’ bullpen.