Minnesota Twins: 4 Twins who should be ditched by the All-Star Break

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The Minnesota Twins currently sit tied with the Cleveland Guardians for first place in the American League Central, a spot that very few pundits expected either team to be in as June came to an end. Both teams have benefited from an easy schedule, but both teams have also proven their mettle against stronger teams as well.

As the All-Star break and trade deadline gets closer, both teams should be addressing who should be on the roster going forward, especially with a playoff run in mind. For the Minnesota Twins especially, this decision is getting easier and easier.

The Twins have a strong roster, and if they go out and address a few positions of need, the team will be in good shape for a tough stretch to get themselves to the playoffs. After they get those players though there are some current Twins who should lose their roster spot.

The Minnesota Twins need to get better, and getting rid of these four players would be a boost to the team.

Some of these players have been with the Twins for a long time and it’s just time to move on, while a few just aren’t ready to be key contributors for a playoff roster. Either way they just need to be cleared off the active roster. Before we reach those four, there are a few honorable mentions to talk about

Honorable Mentions: Jharrel Cotton and Emilio Pagan earn honorable mentions here because the Minnesota Twins desperately need to find better options to work in the bullpen than these two players.At first glance, both have decent strikeout numbers and acceptable ERA numbers, but both pitchers have far too many outings where they get absolutely destroyed.

This is likely the reason that the majority of the peripheral stats for both players are hard to look at. There are worse arms in the pen (we’ll get to them), but these two are on the thinnest of ice (especially with only 13 pitchers allowed). The Twins can find better options.


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