Minnesota Twins: Royce Lewis has earned an everyday role in the Majors

Minnesota Twins shortstop Royce Lewis makes a put out against the Cleveland Guardians. (Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports)
Minnesota Twins shortstop Royce Lewis makes a put out against the Cleveland Guardians. (Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports) /

In 2017, the Minnesota Twins selected Royce Lewis with the first overall selection in the MLB Draft. Even as an 18-year-old, his skills were evident; a strong arm, elite speed, clear power potential, and good baseball instincts. Five years later, Lewis has reached the major leagues, and he’s made quite a splash in doing so.

It’s been a long time coming for the shortstop, as he’s faced three lost seasons due to multiple injuries and COVID in 2020, but he’s made the most of his chance in 2022. The only issue is now that Carlos Correa is returning to the lineup.

With the Twins’ star returning, Royce no longer has the opportunity to play every day at shortstop. With that being said though, the team needs to find a way to get Lewis in the lineup every day, even at the expense of one of the more veteran players.

Royce Lewis has earned everyday playing time with the Minnesota Twins.

In 10 games with the big league club, Royce is slashing .286/.306/.457 with 4 XBH (one homer) in ten games. He’s playing solid defense, scoring a lot, pounding the ball, and producing memorable clutch hits like this one, one of the most exciting homers I’ve ever seen live:

It seems pretty clear that Lewis is ready to be a big-leaguer for good, showing off in his first shot. The question now becomes: What do the Minnesota Twins do with Lewis? Does he move to a different position? Get sent down? Become a bench bat for a while? What’s the plan?

There are really only two realistic options. The first sees Lewis sent back down to Triple-AAA, because the team needs as many pitchers as possible and there aren’t many at-bats available with Gio Urshela figuring things out. The second sees Lewis turned into a utility player, seeing time almost every day, but not having a set position.

The second one makes the most sense. Lewis has simply been too solid to go back down. He has the arm and speed to play six positions (first base, pitcher, and catcher included). Rocco can find a way to get him into the lineup everyday.

Starting him as the everyday left fielder with Trevor Larnach as the DH would be excellent, and he could move to third base, second, or right if needed. It’s not too tough to keep him in the lineup, so he should be there every day. He deserves it.

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