15 for 15: Ranking the Top 15 Minnesota Twins from the Last 15 years

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FanSided, the network that Puckett’s Pond is a part of, is turning 15 today! The website was launched in 2007, and to celebrate, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the Top 15 Minnesota Twins players from the last fifteen seasons, from 2007 to now.

For this list, we ranked the players on three things: production, positional value. and longevity with the organization. This means that while Johan Santana and Torii Hunter were fantastic in 2007, they don’t qualify for the list. Same with Jim Thome (2010-2011) and Joe Nathan (2006-2009).

To celebrate FanSided turning 15, we ranked the Top 15 Minnesota Twins of the past 15 years.

To start off, there were many honorable mentions who missed out on the list through this ride down memory lane, so before we get started with the full list, we thought we’d go over them briefly here. Matt Guerrier, Trevor May, Brian Duensing, and Caleb Thielbar all earn honorable mentions as important relievers, and while Thielbar had the best argument, they all fell short.

Ervin Santana, Scott Baker, and Kyle Gibson got looks for their longevity, but they didn’t have the stats. For batters Josh Willingham, Delmon Young, and Trevor Plouffe, they had good years, but it wasn’t enough. We start out this list with a speedy center fielder whose tenure in Minnesota ended as part of the massive rebuild of the early 2010s.


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