Minnesota Twins Preseason 2022 Top 50 Prospects: Top 5 and Full Recap

Royce Lewis of the Minnesota Twins bats in the first inning of a Grapefruit League game. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Royce Lewis of the Minnesota Twins bats in the first inning of a Grapefruit League game. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /
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Pitcher Chris Vallimont of the Wichita Wind Surge pitches during the game against the Amarillo Sod Poodles. (Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images) /

Minnesota Twins Top Prospects: 50-36

  • Prospect No. 50: Austin Schulfer, RHP
  • Prospect No. 49: Cody Laweryson, RHP
  • Prospect No. 48: Jermaine Palacios, SS
  • Prospect No. 47: Samuel Perez, LHP
  • Prospect No. 46: Zach Featherstone, LHP

Schulfler, Laweryson, Palacios, Perez, and Featherstone are all in a similar boat, in that each player is an older prospect with with an outside shot at reaching the majors, with Schulfer, Laweryson, Perez, and Featherstone’s best shot coming as relievers and Palacios trying to break through and the Twins’ biggest need: shortstop.

  • Prospect No. 45: Christian MacLeod, LHP
  • Prospect No. 44: Andrew Bechtold, 3B/1B
  • Prospect No. 43: Will Holland, SS
  • Prospect No. 42: Jair Camargo, C
  • Prospect No. 41: Ben Rortvedt, C

Will Holland and Jair Camargo are both in their early 20s and have high ceilings, but both need good years in 2022 to prove their potential. Christian MacLeod also has potential, we’ll see how much when he pitches in his first full season this year.

Bechtold doesn’t have that same potential, but he could be a good bench bat at the major league level if he can prove his power and defense improvements are real. Rortvedt is exactly who we thought he was, a good defender with some power, but nothing more than a backup catcher. If he’s a solid enough backup catcher though, that’s good enough for a spot on this list.

  • Prospect No. 40: Jeferson Morales, C
  • Prospect No. 39: Yennier Cano, RHP
  • Prospect No. 38: Danny De Andrade, SS
  • Prospect No. 37: Casey Legumina, RHP
  • Prospect No. 36: Chris Vallimont, RHP

Jeferson Morales is the top catching prospect in the system, but he needs to improve his defense to stick behind the dish, but his bat is strong. Yennier Cano is about to turn 28, but he should be a major league reliever within the year. Danny De Andrade is still very raw, but he should move quickly up these rankings as he progresses as he gets older.

Casey Legumina has the floor of a big league reliever, but if he can keep building up into a full-time starter, he has a pretty high ceiling. He is 25 though, so he needs to have a successful year in 2022. As for Chris Vallimont, he’s been a fringe Top 30 prospect since he arrived with the Minnesota Twins, but he too needs a big year to prove he can make it as a big league starter.