Minnesota Twins: Breaking down the Twins on Upcoming HOF Ballots

Minnesota Twins first baseman Joe Mauer in the on deck circle. (Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports)
Minnesota Twins first baseman Joe Mauer in the on deck circle. (Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Former Minnesota Twins Joe Mauer and Torii Hunter greet each other prior to game three of the American League Division Series. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

Potential Minnesota Twins on the Ballot in 2024: Torii Hunter, Joe Mauer, Bartolo Colon, Phil Hughes, and Denard Span

While Carlos Beltran is the only big name player coming onto the ballot in 2023, 2024 is when the ballot is flooded with former All-Stars and studs. Adrian Beltre, Chase Utley, David Wright, Matt Holliday, Adrian Gonzalez, Jose Bautista, and the Minnesota Twins’ own Joe Mauer make an appearance on the ballot.

I would also think Denard Span would appear as down-ballot candidate as well, but like the Twins who appeared in 2023, he won’t last long if, especially in this crowded class. Phil Hughes shouldn’t make the ballot. But the voting here gets tricky for the other three.

Mauer likely won’t make it in first try in such a crowded class, but the writers will likely make sure that they clear up the ballot a bit and vote for the guys who have been there a while. Beltre will make it first ballot, while Billy Wagner, Todd Helton, Carlos Beltran, Alex Rodriguez, and Andruw Jones pick up steam (with one more probably making it in).

Wright, Reyes, Bautista, Gonzalez, Holliday, and even Bartolo Colon should all earn that five percent to stick on the bottom of the ballot. The tough part is now what happens to Torii Hunter. Hunter is likely viewed as the fifth outfielder on the ballot behind Jones, Carlos Beltran, Bobby Abreu, and Bautista, and with too many other choices, Hunter doesn’t quite reach the five percent.

Prediction: Beltre is the only Hall of Famer in the class, while Mauer has a great first showing (around 45%). Span and Hughes either don’t last or even make the ballot, and Hunter fails to reach the 5% mark.