Minnesota Twins: Breaking down the Twins on Upcoming HOF Ballots

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The Minnesota Twins have had six players appear on the Hall of Fame ballot over the past two years, but with the 2022 voting process in the rearview mirror, only one of those players remains in Torii Hunter.

While it’s no surprise that Michael Cuddyer, Latroy Hawkins, Justin Morneau, and A.J. Pierzynski didn’t last long, it’s also not a total stunner that Joe Nathan fell off the ballot after one year as well (though he probably should have gotten a second year).

What Minnesota Twins could we see on the Hall of Fame ballot in the next four years?

With Hunter entering his third year of eligibility in 2023, we thought it best to look at the next five years and consider what other potential players Minnesota Twins fans could see landing on the ballot as well as what their odds of staying on the ballot are. Let’s start things off with the ballot for next year.


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