Minnesota Twins: 5 Goals for the Twins as the Season Winds Down

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The Minnesota Twins season is winding to a close. It’s been a disappointing year, but the Minnesota Twins have been picking things up to close things out. The Twins are 19-17 since July 30th, and while that’s not fantastic, it’s far better than the team performed before that point (43-61).

The Twins would need one of the greatest winning streaks of all time  AND to see the Mariners, A’s, Yankees, AND Blue Jays all fall apart in order for the team to make the playoffs. Because that’s not happening, we can look for other areas the team can improve before the season wraps up October 3rd.

There are still goals that the Minnesota Twins could meet this season.

There are still goals that the team can reach that would help them in both 2021 and beyond, so I broke down a few of them that are within reach. I made these goals extremely manageable, so the team as it’s currently constructed could top them with ease.

This team can still offer some positive steps for the team, the team’s future, and the fans by making decisions that will benefit all three. We’ll now dive into five goals the team should meet the rest of the way.


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