Minnesota Twins: Finding a GPA for all of the Twins’ Offseason Moves

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The Minnesota Twins waited for most of the offseason before making their most important free agent additions, and while it was very frustrating for fans to watch, the group that they ended up is one of the best incoming groups in the past decade in Minnesota.

While there wasn’t a Josh Donaldson-sized addition, each of the players will do a good job of fitting their role, and while they didn’t bring in a lot of long-term players, they really didn’t need to either.

Throughout the offseason, I’ve graded a lot of the Twins’ moves, whether smaller minor league deals or major free agent changes, and after all that, it’s time to calculate the GPA for all those moves. Here’s how we break down the questions into “classes”:

  • How will the Minor League additions work out?
  • Do the Major League additions meet all of the needs the club has?
  • Did the Twins do enough to remain the favorite in the American League Central and end the playoff streak?

Will the Minnesota Twins pass or fail based off of their offseason moves?

We’ll grade the Twins in all three of these “classes” and use those three grades to calculate the GPA for the team’s offseason. Let’s see if the reigning AL Central Champs passed or failed in getting ready for the 2021 season.


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