Minnesota Twins: Ranking the Twins’ 10 Most Hated Rival Teams

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The Minnesota Twins have a long 120 year history (including the Senators years), playing all 29 teams at least sixteen times (The Marlins are the team with just 16 games). With that, there are teams that the Twins have played a lot more than the rest.

We took a look at the ten teams the Twins have the longest and worst history against, ranking them on playoff competition, player memories, and all-time struggles against. We also took into account recency and closeness of the rivalries.

Some guidelines to start off. Division matters, but not as important as playoff history and games between the two. For example, the Royals, while on this list, aren’t as high up as the Yankees, despite divisional and geographical differences.

We also won’t really factor in the Senators’ rivalries. While those games will factor in slightly for the early rivalries the Twins had, it changes significantly, the teams they played and playoff games they fought in won’t be included here. Let’s get started with No. 10.


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