Minnesota Twins: Who’s Left to Target in Free Agency?

Marwin Gonzalez of the Minnesota Twins reacts to being called out on strikes by home plate umpire Jeff Nelson. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
Marwin Gonzalez of the Minnesota Twins reacts to being called out on strikes by home plate umpire Jeff Nelson. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) /

The Minnesota Twins are finally turning up the dial a bit in the free agent market after the signing of J.A. Happ and noted interest in other players as well. Who else could come from the free agent market in the lead-up to spring training?

In the spirit of full disclosure, a lot rides on whether or not the Twins re-sign Nelson Cruz. His potential contract wipes out several of these names, but with that being said, the Twins still have some needs that could be targeted.

Minnesota Twins Target No. 1: Bullpen

Hansel Robles was a slick little signing as a way to provide insurance for if Taylor Rogers falls apart again as a closer. That doesn’t mean the team should be done in the arms race, and I expect them to make a few more moves to fill the holes left by Trevor May, Matt Wisler, Sergio Romo and Tyler Clippard.

A nice left-handed arm would slide in nicely, making Jake McGee an ideal target. The guy had been nothing short of spectacular in 2020, and is coming off a championship season with the L.A. Dodgers. José Álvarez and Justin Wilson would also be other arms to keep eyes on. Both would come very cheap.

From the right-handed side of the mound, Shane Greene would be a great target. He would fill the Wisler departure, specifically, as he is is a nice veteran with a nasty slider and if they get him at an affordable price tag that’d be another championship signing.

Minnesota Twins Target No. 2: Utility Man

Who fills the Marwin Gonzalez role?  Well it may be Marwin, as word is the Twins want him back. I like the guy as a player, and he’s very athletic and plays literally everywhere. He can be a bit streaky, but versatility like that is hard to come by.

Jedd Gyorko could be someone else that’s targeted as well, as he’s another versatile player who’s coming into his prime and shown some pop in his bat. If Nelson Cruz doesn’t re-sign, this makes a lot more sense for his pop. Miguel Sano and Josh Donaldson could easily get used to being in the DH role if this were to work out.

Minnesota Twins Target No. 3: Best Available Lightning Round

These are more well wishes, and are highly unlikely but wouldn’t it be great.

Bullpen-Trevor Rosenthal: He would be fantastic, but he comes with a pretty high price tag.

Front Line Starter-Masahiro Tanaka: There is only the slimmest bit of hope for this move, and I need my head checked most likely, but man would it be fun.

J.A. Happ was a solid signing, as it helped the team fill out the rotation a little bit. All of the above names would be sweet targets to further improve the roster. The market is finally starting to move. Let’s see if Team Falvine has any thing more in store for us!

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