Minnesota Twins: Breaking down the Odds of Stars Landing in Minnesota

Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs bats against the Miami Marlins. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs bats against the Miami Marlins. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Trevor Story of the Colorado Rockies follows through on his swing. (Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images) /

Tier 2: Potential Minnesota Twins Trade Targets

Trevor Story: This is the type of rumor that Twins fans have been clamoring for. Despite Jorge Polanco being the starting shortstop in the All-Star game just two years ago, Twins fans seem to want him out the door. Polanco performed better than almost every other Twin in 2020 as well, but I digress. Instead, I’ll focus on the Trevor Story rumor.

First the good, which is significant. Trevor Story is a legitimate star, one of the best hitting shortstops in all of baseball. His speed, power, and ability to hit for contact would make him an extremely valuable piece for any team. He also only has one year left on his current deal, and doesn’t seem keen on returning to Colorado, making him an easier trade target.

The bad is also significant though, which poses a problem. He plays at a hitter friendly park, which raises questions as to if he could do it elsewhere. That contract that makes him easier to acquire, also presents an issue: would he re-sign in Minnesota? Hard to tell. That major issue makes a trade pretty unlikely, but the Twins’ interest makes it possible. Chances: 20%

Marcus Semien: One of the best players available in the free agent market, Marcus Semien poses a lot of risk, as it’s hard to know which version you’re getting. Will it be 2019 Semien, the one finished third in MVP voting and had a WAR of 8.9? Or will it be the 2020 version, who hit just .223 and looked awful on defense?

Semien could be a cheap option, and the team wouldn’t have to give up prospects to get him, making him seem like a nice buy-low option. The only issue is that he looked worse than Polanco did in 2020, so it might be hard to see the Twins signing him if they think they can find better elsewhere. Chances: 20%

Kris Bryant: The one that we all are hoping for. Kris Bryant, just five years removed from an MVP award, is officially on the trading block. The Cubs seem to believe the team needs to rebuild, despite finishing first in their division in 2020, and has already shipped off ace Yu Darvish. From all indications, Bryant will be next.

The All-Star third baseman and outfielder is headed for free agency in 2022, and the Cubs are looking to avoid signing him to an expensive new deal. This could really work to the Twins advantage, as he’d come cheaper, similar to Trevor Story, but it could also be a negative, as trading for Bryant just to see him walk a year later would be very hard to swallow.

The Twins don’t really have a clear cut role for Bryant, who would likely play third, left field, and allow Donaldson to play in the designated hitter spot. Overall, this deal doesn’t make as much sense as a deal for a pitcher would, but the Twins are interested and it adding another bat never hurt anyone. Chances: 30%