Minnesota Twins: Breaking down the Odds of Stars Landing in Minnesota

Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs bats against the Miami Marlins. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs bats against the Miami Marlins. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Marcell Ozuna of the Atlanta Braves flies out against the Los Angeles Dodgers. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

Tier 3: Long-shot Acquisitions the Minnesota Twins could Make

Michael Brantley: This would be a pretty self-explanatory addition for the team to make. Michael Brantley is best used as a corner outfielder and despite being almost 34 is a proven bat who fills a big need for the Twins.

Unfortunately for the Twins fans who might want him, the Twins look unlikely to pull the trigger on this one. Brantley isn’t going to extend the team’s title window at his age, and passing the outfield role over to Brent Rooker and Alex Kirilloff seems more likely. Chances: 10%

George Springer: Now this is where we start getting to the good stuff. George Springer struggled a little bit in 2020, but he still put together one of the best seasons in the American League. Adding a bat like that to their corner outfield spot (or center field when Byron Buxton is hurt) would be a massive get.

Once again though, Springer faces a lot of the same issues as Brantley, while also being more expensive. The Twins did take Springer in the 48th Round back in 2008 (he opted not to sign), so it would be a full circle transition, but I expect the Twins to fill that gap in the outfield with Rooker and Kirilloff instead. Chances: 12%

Marcell Ozuna: In order for Marcell Ozuna to come to Minnesota, this would be the end of the road for Nelson Cruz, but that would be for the best if the Twins could land a star like this. Just look at the pair’s stat lines compared:

  • Ozuna: 60 G, .338 BA/.431 OBP/.636 SLG%, 18 HR, 56 RBI, 38-60 BB-K
  • Cruz: 53 G, .303/.397/.595, 16 HR, 33 RBI, 25-58 BB-K

Ozuna was better and is way younger (Ozuna just turned 30, Cruz is nearing 41). If the Twins could persuade him to come to Minnesota for a few million more than Cruz is asking for, that’s a huge win. Unfortunately, the team seems committed to bringing Cruz back, so this is very unlikely. Chances: 15%