Minnesota Twins: Breaking down the Odds of Stars Landing in Minnesota

Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs bats against the Miami Marlins. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs bats against the Miami Marlins. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Minnesota Twins fans want big names to land in the Twin Cities, whether it comes through trade or free agency. We break down the odds for each star.

The MLB offseason is a slow moving beast. From November to the middle of December, very little happened. In the last month, things have exploded. Blake Snell, Yu Darvish, Francisco Lindor, Liam Hendriks, Kyle Schwarber, and more have all found new homes. Minnesota Twins fans want to see a name like that land here.

There’s good reason for that hope. The Twins are one of the ten, possibly five best teams in baseball, and they have the ability to bring in elite talent with a stacked farm system and around $20 million in cap space.

The rumor mill has been churning, with names like Trevor Story, Kris Bryant, and a reunion with Jake Odorizzi are all possibilities that have been tossed around, and while we already looked in on which pitchers could end up here, we didn’t bring up other positions, and there’s a lot of talent still available across the board.

The only question is: What is the likelihood that those high-level guys end up in Minnesota? We break down the odds for twelve of the biggest names rumored to be available and whether or not they’ll be wearing a Minnesota uniform in 2021.

To make it easier to follow, we broke it down into four tiers:

  • Tier Four: These players aren’t coming to Minnesota. Whether it be money, trade asking point, or chemistry fit, these players would take a minor miracle to end up as a Twin.
  • Tier Three: There’s definitely a chance. These players have a lot of other possible fits, but the Twins are poking around. Not impossible.
  • Tier Two: These are players who the Twins have checked in on, but it would take a whole lot to bring them here.
  • Tier One: These are players that the Twins have either been in contact with or could very easily end up here.

With the tiers underway, Let’s get into it, starting with the least likely.