Minnesota Twins: Three Reasons the Twins can’t trade Eddie Rosario

Eddie Rosario of the Minnesota Twins watches the pitch while on deck in the first inning. (Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images)
Eddie Rosario of the Minnesota Twins watches the pitch while on deck in the first inning. (Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images) /

A lot of Minnesota Twins fans want to see Eddie Rosario traded this offseason. We break down three reasons why it won’t happen.

It’s the offseason again in Twins Territory. This leads to Minnesota Twins fans everywhere talking about potential trades, and the most common one is moving on from Eddie Rosario. That won’t happen. Not because it’s not needed, but for several other reasons. Let’s get into it.

Reason No. 1: He’s costing the Minnesota Twins a lot of money

For starters, Eddie Rosario is supposed to get PAID this offseason. He’s in his second-to-last year of arbitration, and after another really good offensive year, his number is going way up. According to MLB Trade Rumors, Rosario is scheduled to make $12.9 million in 2021. That’s a ton of money.

The Twins aren’t going to pay that. Plain and simple. The team has two super prospects in Alex Kirilloff and Trevor Larnach as well as Brent Rooker all look ready to step in and carry Rosario’s load in the outfield. This leads to the possibility that Rosario just gets non-tendered…

Reason No. 2: Options Declined Across the League (Including by the Minnesota Twins)

…which is my next point. All across baseball, teams are cutting costs. Options are being declined all over baseball, including Sergio Romo for the Twins, Charlie Morton for the Rays, and Kolten Wong of the Cardinals.

Teams are getting the impression that players will be available later on as well. This includes Rosario. Rosario played really well in 2020, but with all these other players looking elsewhere for cheaper options, the Twins are likely looking to non-tender Rosario.

Reason No. 3: There isn’t a market for the Minnesota Twins to trade him somewhere

Let’s not forget, the Twins tried to trade Eddie Rosario in 2019. The Twins worked hard to find somewhere to send him, almost finding a deal with the Marlins in 2019 before it fell apart. Now? There’s even less options.

Rosario is a power-hitting corner outfielder with poor base-running and defensive skills. There isn’t a market for a player like him. On top of that, as we already mentioned above, it would be a shock if the Twins didn’t non-tender him, so teams know they can get him in free agency.

This is the biggest factor that prevents a trade. He isn’t a hot commodity. He’s a one dimensional player that has more sentimental value to Twins fans than anyone else. Rosario will be wearing a new uniform in 2021. It just won’t be from a trade.

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