Minnesota Twins: The 5 Stages of Being a 2020 Twins Fan

Manager Rocco Baldelli of the Minnesota Twins looks on against Cleveland. (Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images)
Manager Rocco Baldelli of the Minnesota Twins looks on against Cleveland. (Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images) /

With the Minnesota Twins season coming to a very disappointing ending once again, we jump right back into the cycle of Twins fans emotions.

The Minnesota Twins came up short in the playoffs once again, but this disappointment isn’t a new feeling for Twins fans. Over this18-game playoff losing streak, the Twins players have found new ways to break hearts.

I’m not going to allow myself to lament about the the players who came up far short of what needed to be done in the playoff series against the Houston Astros. Instead, I’m focusing on the human emotion side of things from the perspective of a Twins fan and the pain we have gone through.

Stage 1: Anticipation of Minnesota Twins Success

The season brought so much harvested anticipation with it as Twins fans, we’re clamoring for something to cling to in this COVID era. Baseball brings out feelings of youth, enjoyment and fun. We knew the Twins were going to be good, which brought excitement.

The thoughts of World Series champions sprung into our mind. A wanted and needed distraction from the drone of the pandemic lifestyle. 2020 was the year of resurgence for a team that seemed to be built different…..

Stage 2: Lost Hope and Disappointment in Minnesota Twins Failure

I had a lot of hope for the Twins. On paper, the Astros match up was probably the best they could ask for. A series to get the playoff monkey off their back and build confidence. Hope turned to despair, and inning after inning of opportunities weren’t taken advantage off. This stage hurts the most.

Stage 3: Mourning another Minnesota Twins missed opportunity

Not like the death of a loved one, but the end of a season brings unwanted closure to a relationship. It’s a painful emotional relationship with the Twins, but it still has a poignant place in our lives. When that relationship ends, it brings morose feelings.

Stage 4: Change for the Minnesota Twins, Transitions for the Fans

Change can be hard. 2020 will be the close of some of our fan-favorite’s Twins careers. You will miss those players and the feelings they brought into your life. 2020 has definitely been a year of change.

Stage 5: The Healing of the 2021 Minnesota Twins season

Hope will spring eternal come 2021 and disappointment will lead again to anticipation. I really enjoyed the season even with the thud of the play-offs. My emotional wounds will heal and this Twins fan will be back again ready to cheer on the beloved Minnesota Twins!!

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