Minnesota Twins Top 30 Prospects Post-MLB Draft

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With the MLB Draft in the rearview mirror and the season finally approaching, we once again rank the Minnesota Twins’ Top 30 Prospects.

This was originally going to be the midseason Minnesota Twins prospect rankings, but with the Twins (and their system having yet to play any games, their wouldn’t have been a lot of change from our previous rankings.

In addition to the order staying mostly the same, the tools of each prospect remain at the same level. The only difference between this ranking and the preseason one is now we get to include the Twins’ newest prospects.

The Twins officially signed their 5th round pick, Kala’i Rosario, on July 1st, completing their 2020 draft class. Here’s the whole group with their signing bonus:

Now because none of these prospects have played an inning of professional baseball, it’s hard to tell how they’d fare against better competition. Because of that fact, Hall, Diaz Vasquez, and Sweany didn’t make the list yet. Same goes for Sharpe, Stankiewicz, and Raya, though I think they’ll make the list sooner than later.

Again, this list is just meant to last until we get to see everyone in action again. At that point, we’ll get some new prospect rankings, updated grades, and more. With all that in mind, let’s get started.


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