MLB The Show 20 Ratings for the Minnesota Twins Pitchers

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA – JUNE 26: Taylor Rogers #55 of the Minnesota Twins pitches in the eighth inning against the Tampa Bay Rays at Target Field on June 26, 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Minnesota Twins defeated the Tampa Bay Rays 6-4.(Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images)

“MLB The Show 20” released earlier this month, so Puckett’s Pond took a look at how the Minnesota Twins pitchers rated out.

With the real-world Minnesota Twins not playing due to the suspended season, thousands of Twins fans are being forced to look elsewhere for their baseball fix. MLB The Show 20 is the newest baseball video game on the market, so Puckett’s Pond took a deeper look at how the Twins players rated in the game.

Today we’ll take a look at the team’s starting rotation and their relievers, see who the top pitcher is, check out who got a realistic rating and whose rating was a little off. With that being said, let’s get started.

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Minnesota Twins Key Pitcher Rankings:

Minnesota Twins Cy Young: Taylor Rogers, 85 OVR (overall rating)

The best Twins pitcher on the roster is last year’s closer, Taylor Rogers. After notching thirty saves with a stellar 2.61 ERA in 2019, Rogers’ overall jumped five points from the end of last season. That 85 overall puts him just above Jose Berrios as the Twins best pitcher.

Minnesota Twins Biggest Surprise: Jordan Balazovic, 79 OVR

The Twins’ top pitching prospect, Balazovic is considered as close to a sure thing as the team has in their system. With that being said, it seems a bit early to have Balazovic already reaching a 79 overall when he hasn’t even played a big league inning yet.

Minnesota Twins Biggest Disappointment: Sergio Romo, 74 OVR

The team’s ratings were pretty accurate as far as pitchers go, but after a stellar season, Romo deserved better than a 74 overall. The veteran’s ERA was an excellent 3.18 and struck out 27 over 22.2 innings in addition to providing valuable leadership.

Minnesota Twins Starting Rotation:

  1. Jose Berrios, 84 OVR
  2. Kenta Maeda, 81 OVR
  3. Rich Hill, 80 OVR
  4. Jake Odorozzi 80 OVR
  5. Jordan Balazovic, 79 OVR

The rotation in the game looks a little different from what it would be in real life. Berrios makes sense at the top, and Maeda looks to be a strong No. 2. Hill receiving an 80 OVR is a surprise, and Balazovic getting this high of a rating is a surprise as well.

Here are the ratings of the other pitchers who didn’t make the Starting 5:

Not many surprises here, as most of these ratings are pretty accurate for the pitchers they follow. Pineda’s 68 OVR is a little disappointing, but that number will likely go up when he returns from suspension.

Minnesota Twins Relievers

The Minnesota Twins bullpen is a little top-heavy in the game, with three players receiving ratings of 78 and above and the rest falling below 75. The ratings system wasn’t too far off for the pitchers, though they could have been a little more generous in the back of the bullpen.

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