Minnesota Twins: 2020 Preseason Top 30 Prospects

Minnesota Twins' Royce Lewis (Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images)
Minnesota Twins' Royce Lewis (Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images) /
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Minnesota Twins’ Dakota Chalmers (Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images) /

No. 25-No. 21

No. 25: Emmanuel Rodriguez, OF

Level: Rookie

Age: 17

Hit: 50/Power: 50/Run: 55/Arm: 55/Field: 55/Overall: 45

It’s hard to judge a player who is so young, but the Twins’ newest international prospect has massive potential. A cannon for an arm, excellent speed, and power potential, the Twins signed Rodriguez for $2.5 Million. It’s a big risk, but if Rodriguez comes close to his potential it could be a huge win for the Twins.

OJ: The Twins have a long history of being successful in international signings (Jorge Polanco, Miguel Sano, Max Kepler, Eddie Rosario, and Jose Berrios come to mind), so i’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Otto Johnson’s Ranking: 26

BC: A 17 year-old who signed for a lot of money. He is well-rounded, but very raw. I expect him to climb up the rankings over the next few years. Brandon Copley’s Rank: 26

No. 24: Dakota Chalmers, RHP

Level: AAA

Age: 23

Fastball: 60/Curveball: 65/Changeup: 45/Control: 40/Overall: 45

Dakota Chalmers is the owner of the best off-speed pitch in the Twins’ minor league system. His curveball has a spin rate of over 3,000, something major league teams love. He even has a fastball to match. Why isn’t he higher? His changeup is unimpressive and his control isn’t excellent. On the flip side, if that gets sorted out, he could be a star.

OJ: He could be a legitimate ace. His stuff is excellent. His curveball is unhittable. If only he could get that control down. Otto Johnson’s Rank: 19

BC: I am not as optimistic as Otto is. Chalmers has been up and down in the system for a while. He will make it someday, but how good will he be? That’s the question. Brandon Copley’s Rank: 25

No. 23: Misael Urbina, OF

Level: Rookie

Age: 17

Hit: 55/Power: 45/Run: 60/Arm: 50/Field: 55/Overall: 45

Another 17-year-old with lots of potential. He is extremely fast, and plays strong defense. He could develop into a .300 hitter and maybe even a 15 homer/15 stolen bases guy. But that’s a long way off, so the Twins have to wait and see.

OJ: I think Urbina has a higher ceiling than Rodriguez does. I could easily see Urbina turning into a high impact guy, but I think it’s too far off and a lot could happen. Otto Johnson’s Rank: 24

BC: The other 17 year-old on our list. Urbina could be our CF of the future if Buxton goes to free agency. Expect him to climb. Brandon Copley’s Rank: 19

No. 22: Gabriel Maciel, OF

Level: High A

Age: 21

Hit: 50/Power: 30/Run: 65/Arm: 50/Field: 60/Overall: 45

Want to go fast? Gabriel Maciel is a speed demon. He makes contact all over the diamond and is a fantastic outfielder. He will never hit for a lot of power, but he can make good contact. He has never hit under .280 and regularly steals 20 bases over 100 game seasons. His ceiling is close to Ben Revere with five homers a year instead of one.

OJ: Maciel is a decent hitter and could really develop into a really good center fielder. He won’t hit for power, but you don’t need to at his position. Otto Johnson’s Rank: 18

BC: Maciel can run and field with the best of them. His power will never come around. Will his hitting lack because of it? Brandon Copley’s Rank: 27

No. 21: Cole Sands, RHP

Level: AA

Age: 22

Fastball: 55/Curveball: 50/Changeup: 55/Control: 55/Overall: 45

Cole Sands is a solid, but not standout, pitcher. In his first pro season, Sands pitched really well, moving through three levels and keeping his ERA below 2.70. He has really strong control and a competitive spirit, but he lacks the stuff to be at the front of a rotation.

OJ: Cole Sands is like Josh Winder with slightly better stuff. Sands will likely reach the rotation for a few spot starts as a fifth guy when there are injuries, but his ceiling is really low. On the flip side, his floor is really high. Otto Johnson’s Rank: 23

BC: A decent all around pitcher with good control and a solid changeup. His lack of a slider will hurt him though. Brandon Copley’s Rank: 22