Minnesota Twins: 2020 Preseason Top 30 Prospects

Minnesota Twins' Royce Lewis (Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images)
Minnesota Twins' Royce Lewis (Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images) /
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Minnesota Twins’ Ben Rortvedt (Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images) /

No. 30-No. 26

No. 30: Josh Winder, RHP

Level: A

Age: 23

Fastball: 50/Curveball: 50/Slider: 50/Changeup: 50/Control: 55/Overall: 40

Armed with four decent pitches and good control, Josh Winder had a solid season in Cedar Rapids, going 7-2 with a 2.65 ERA. He won’t dominate games, but he won’t lose them either. Winder has a very low ceiling, but could be a reliable fifth starter.

Otto Johnson: I really like Winder. He’s a decent pitcher who could be a cheap inning-eater. He’s a perfect depth guy. Otto Johnson’s Rank: 28

Brandon Copley: Winder is old for a low A pitcher, but is very well-rounded and could reach the majors someday. Brandon Copley’s Rank: 32

No. 29: Ben Rortvedt, C

Level: AA

Age: 22

Hit: 45/Power: 45/Run: 35/Arm: 55/Defense: 55/Overall: 40

Ben Rortvedt is a catcher who has always had success behind the plate, but not as much at the plate. Rortvedt posted a .239 batting average with 5 home runs at AA last year while showcasing his excellent glove, a continuing story for him. In a league desperate for backstops, Rortvedt’s glove will carry him to the major leagues. If the bat also develops, Rortvedt could have a future in Minnesota.

OJ: The only reason Rortvedt makes this list is because the Twins are so starved for catchers. I think his bat needs to develop more before he can move into the top twenty-five on this list. Otto Johnson’s Rank: 29

BC: Rortvedt looks like your average defensive catcher. I don’t think he likely will ever hit that well at any level. Brandon Copley’s Rank: 28

No. 28: Chris Vallimont, RHP

Level: High A

Age: 22

Fastball: 60/Curveball: 55/Slider: 50/Changeup: 50/Control: 45/Overall: 40

Chris Vallimont was originally just an add-on in the Twins trade to acquire Sergio Romo last summer. He has shown he has some upside, but Vallimont still needs some work with his control. However, in his four starts after the trade, Vallimont only walked four batters. If Vallimont matches control to his strong stuff, he could move up this list quickly.

OJ: I love Vallimont. I think that he finally is figuring out his control now that he’s made it to the Twins’ system. I think he’ll really impress this year. Otto Johnson’s Rank: 25

BC: Chris has potential. His fastball and curve are there, but he has to learn control. Brandon Copley’s Rank: 31

No. 27: Jose Miranda, INF

Level: AA

Age: 21

Hit: 50/Power: 45/Run: 40/Arm: 50/Field: 50/Overall: 40

Jose Miranda was selected by the Minnesota Twins in the 2016 draft and has an up-and-down career since. He has a lot of potential if he can hit a little more effectively, as he doesn’t strike out often. There’s a good glove and power potential as well, but Miranda must be more consistent and effective at bat for him to be successful.

OJ: I think Miranda has some hidden potential, but he has to be smarter in the batter’s box, and he hasn’t done that thus far. Otto Johnson’s Ranking: 30

BC: I think Miranda is very well-rounded, but he hasn’t been able to put everything together for a full season yet. Brandon Copley’s Rank: 23

No. 26: Will Holland, SS

Level: Rookie

Age: 21

Hit: 40/Power: 55/Run: 60/Arm: 55/Field: 55/Overall: 45

Holland, an extremely athletic 2019 second-round pick struggled in his first thirty-six games in the organization. However, he also showed a lot of promise in those games, with 7 homers and 8 steals. If he can rediscover his ability to hit consistently from college, his name will come up a lot more often.

OJ: I really like potential and Holland has lots of it, but he struggled mightily over the past two seasons. I worry that he won’t find his swing again. Otto Johnson’s Ranking: 27

BC: The phrase of the day: “he has potential” fits Holland. He has a lot of power and can field, but he has to make contact with the ball. Brandon Copley’s Rank: 24