Minnesota Twins: Projecting the Twins’ Opening Day lineup for 2020

Minnesota Twins' Nick Gordon (Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images)
Minnesota Twins' Nick Gordon (Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images) /
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With the Minnesota Twins returning most of their fielders from last season, it’s time to take a look at who makes the starting lineup, who is on the bench, and who might be brought in this offseason.

The Minnesota Twins enter this winter coming off one of their best seasons ever, finishing with 101 wins and looking like one of the best teams in baseball. Even with that being the case, changes are going to be made to their roster, so they will be just as good (or better) than the season before. Here at Puckett’s Pond, we already looked at who makes the rotation for the team next year, so this time around we’ll check out what the Opening Day roster for the Twins could look like.

The team has a solid roster, with most of the team’s key players locked in through the next three years. This doesn’t mean that everything is certain. Two players who started a total of 200 games will likely be heading off into free agency. That’s a lot of innings to replace and the Twins will give a lot of those innings to other players on the roster, but there’s a lot left to decide.

The article will look at each position and decide who won’t be coming back, the positions/players that are already locked in, potential in-house replacements, and players who may be brought in for next season. The team has a lot of decisions to make over a long offseason and spring training, but this long offseason has begun for the team, so let’s get into it.