Minnesota Twins: Rounding out the Top-10 prospects

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9- Blayne Enlow RHP

Blayne Enlow is another young Minnesota Twins pitcher with a very bright future. Enlow turns only 19 in a little more than a week so his career has only just begun.

Minnesota will always have a need for pitching and Enlow is the fourth pitcher in the Twins Top-10 prospects. For the Twins to build a consistent contender they will need Enlow to reach his potential.

Although it is an extremely small sample size, Enlow was impressive in 2017. He totaled only 20 1/3 innings pitched in six games during his debut ’17 season. However, he already shows a good feel for pitching as evidenced by his 19 strikeouts and only four walks.

The main issue for Enlow is his slight frame. For him to have success in the Majors he will need to add strength in order to maintain his pitches through the course of a start. Enlow doesn’t throw in the high 90’s, however, he does use his low-mid 90’s fastball effectively.

However, his main asset is his devastating curveball. Described as a 12-6 breaking ball, this is the pitch that will determine the fate of Enlow’s career. His aforementioned feel for pitching may help him advance through the system quicker than usual, and that breaking ball will help. However, Enlow first has to prove he can maintain his pitches through the course of a full season.

What the future holds for Enlow

Enlow projects as a back-end of the rotation type of pitcher. That’s not a knock against him, every team needs seven or eight starters to get through any given season. However, Enlow won’t be the impact pitcher that some hope he will be.

As long as he continues to progress he will still provide a lot of value in the future for the Minnesota Twins. Enlow already throws three above-average pitches so he will contribute in some capacity. With his excellent breaking ball, combined with an improved fastball, Enlow could have the biggest impact coming out of the bullpen.