Minnesota Twins: A look at the Twins Top-5 prospects

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5- Wander Javier SS

Wander Javier is THE name Minnesota Twins should keep an eye on. There are some high-quality middle-infielders ahead of him in the Twins system. However, Javier has the chance to be the best of them all.

He has only recently turned 19, and his ceiling is higher than clouds. Javier played nine games, at age 17, during the 2016 Dominican Summer League season. He did more than wow the Twins organization, Javier flashed superstar potential.

Javier had eight hits in 30 plate appearances and slashed .308/.400/.654 during his debut season with the Minnesota Twins organization. He also showed his above-average defense and plus arm, showing he can play the second most important position on the field.

The 2017 season went even better for Javier as he showed he could do it over a long stretch of games. He followed up his strong stint in the Dominican Summer League by slashing .299/.383/.471 and had 18 extra base hits in 180 plate appearances.

However, his defense was suspect, and that’s putting it kindly. Javier committed 16 errors in 149 chances at shortstop during the ’17 season. He will need to improve upon his .893 fielding percentage if wants to stick at shortstop for the future.

What does the future hold for Javier?

The future is as bright as the sun for Javier and the Twins will benefit greatly from having him. However, the Twins have two shortstop prospects still to come in these rankings, so his future lies at another position. Javier projects well defensively, and as he ages he will improve.

The hope is that Javier slots in at third base in the future so the Twins can move Miguel Sano off of the position. His bat profiles well for the position and as he matures he could develop more power.

However, the next player on out list is another shortstop, closer to making an impact than Javier. Let’s take a look at what the Minnesota Twins number four prospect, Nick Gordon, has been up to.