Minnesota Twins: Time to extend Joe Mauer

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 03: Joe Mauer
NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 03: Joe Mauer /

The Minnesota Twins have one of the top-ranked farm systems in Major League Baseball. This roster is already one of the more homegrown in MLB and there’s still plenty more talent on the way.

One name that should stay in the Minnesota Twins future is Joe Mauer. The man who I recently dubbed “Captain Consistency” should finish his playing career in his native Minnesota.

The Twins need to consider signing Mauer to a contract extension before this season is over. This isn’t about what he has done in his past, but rather what he will potentially do in the future. Mauer moved from catcher to first base full-time in 2014 and he has settled into the position nicely.

He will never be your prototypical first baseman that hits 30-40 home runs every season. However, Mauer will always be a player that gets on base consistently. That’s what he is, a professional hitter, who goes out and does his job day in and day out.

Why should the Twins extend Mauer?

For 14 seasons Mauer has been the one consistent force within the Minnesota Twins line-up. Many players have come and gone, yet through it all Mauer has always remained. Some people complain about the fact that Mauer makes $23 million this season, 22% of the Twins current payroll. However, they’re overlooking what he truly means to this young team.

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He was the golden boy after being drafted by Minnesota in 2001, and that’s hard to live up to. All Mauer did was hit .319 while winning an MVP during his first ten years in MLB. He also added in three Gold Glove and five Silver Sluggers, showcasing his well-rounded game. It’s safe to say that he exceeded his expections to that point, and he has continued to excel.

Playing first base brings along with it a certain expectation of power, and Mauer doesn’t fit the bill. However, he is an on-base machine and has earned his place in the line-up for the foreseeable future.

Mauer will never be the power bat that you can hit clean-up in the batting order. However, he will always be the table setter that every team needs. He averages 144 games played over the last three seasons and has slashed .277/.361/.395 and still shows a great eye at the plate.

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Last season Mauer was a Gold Glove caliber first baseman, committing only two errors in 1012 chances at first, and shows no signs of slowing down. He’s still young enough to make an impact for the Twins this season and beyond, and the Twins should make sure that happens.