Minnesota Twins: 5 best catching groups of all-time

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No. 2- 2003 Catchers

A.J. Pierzynski and Matt LeCroy

The 2003 Twins were one of the teams I personally fell in love with. The team went 90-72 and finished first in the American League Central. It was of course one of the many times that the Twins would then go on to face the New York Yankees in the playoffs and ended up losing 3-1. Regardless of season outcome, the year did give us a good season by two of the most polarizing players for Twins fans.

A.J. Pierzynski had a great season in 2003, his last season with the Twins before he was traded away to make room for Mauer. Pierzynski slashed .312/.360/.464 and also hit 11 home runs, 35 doubles, and 3 triples. Even though it was arguably Pierzynski’s best season as a major league player he was unable to duplicate his All-Star appearance from the previous season.

While Pierzynski was polarizing because he eventually landed with the division rival Chicago White Sox. Matt LeCroy was polarizing because he was the player chosen over David Ortiz to stay with the Twins in one of the most regretted and reminded of moves in Twins history. While Ortiz clearly had the better career, LeCroy had a fine 2003 season backing up Pierzynski and playing DH as he hit .287/.342/.490 and had 17 home runs and 19 doubles. Sadly for the Twins and their fans, that would be LeCroy’s peak season.

In career years, LeCroy’s 1.2 WAR and Pierzynski’s 4.5 WAR put together combined for a 5.7 WAR. Pierzynski’s season lands him 7th all-time in WAR for Twins catchers and helps put the duo here as number two on our all-time list for catching groups.