Minnesota Twins: Miguel Sano’s car shot at in the Dominican Republic

KANSAS CITY, MO - APRIL 28: Miguel Sano
KANSAS CITY, MO - APRIL 28: Miguel Sano /

The Minnesota Twins were likely hoping for a quiet offseason for rehabbing Miguel Sano. Instead, Sano is in the news again after his car was shot at.

Minnesota Twins third baseman Miguel Sano has made it into the news for a non-baseball related reason again. Previously Sano made news due to allegations made against him by Betsy Bissen on her Twitter account. The most recent news is also concerning but in a different way, as reports out of the Dominican Republic are that Sano’s car was shot at.

The details are few right now, but Brandon Warne has been doing a great job of trying to track the latest through translation of local news from the Dominican Republic.

Warne has been able to confirm that Sano himself was not anywhere near the shooting. It is still concerning to read that a car associated with a Twins player was shot at by the local police. It does appear that the police officers, or agents as they are referred to by the news outlets, were arrested for “proceeding the wrong way” as Warne also tweeted out.

The good news out of this whole situation is that it sounds like no one was injured. There is a good chance that there may be some wrinkle to this story that we simply do not understand unless we live in the Dominican Republic. What I learned from time spent in the country some time ago is that the police and government set up is much different from that of what those of us in the United States experience on a daily basis.

The bad to this situation is that it is just one more piece of negative news surrounding Sano as he continues to rehab and recovers from offseason surgery on his injured leg. Rehab can at times be enough of a mental hurdle, not to mention the investigation now surrounding him in the aforementioned sexual assault accusations, and now this. Sano has a lot on his plate in his personal life now.

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It sounds as though this most recent incident isn’t stopping his baseball activities. Sano is reportedly still on his way to continue his rehab in Fort Meyers.

While the hope had likely been for a quiet offseason for Sano with a few rehab updates, that has not been the case so far. While the concern for Sano entering the offseason was whether he could recover well enough to play third base in 2018, the concern surrounding him has become bigger than baseball alone.