The Minnesota Twins player I’m going as for Halloween – Mr. Versatility!

DETROIT, MI - SEPTEMBER 22: Chris Gimenez
DETROIT, MI - SEPTEMBER 22: Chris Gimenez /

On Halloween, some of us here at Puckett’s Pond are taking the opportunity to share our Minnesota Twins costume idea with you!

As Halloween night comes near, picking the perfect Minnesota Twins costume can often be difficult. However, for a burly, bearded guy who is known as a Jack of all trades, master of none, there really is only one choice – Chris Gimenez!

Gimenez’s Minnesota Twins “career”

Okay, Gimenez has only been here one single season, but it’s hard to argue that any player got more mentions in the local team coverage this season for the role of a backup than did Gimenez, though in 2017, he certainly deserved it.

Early on in the season, Gimenez was really just a guy who was willing to play a number of positions for the team and catch every few days. However, when he started growing the beard, he reached a level of “fun to follow” that was bordering on other fellow lumberjack-looking backstops, like Evan Gattis and Brian McCann that we’ve seen with the Houston Astros this season.

While not an All-Star or an elite ballplayer by any means, Gimenez was fun and willing to do anything the team needed, which made him easy to cheer for. On the season, Gimenez hit .220/.350/.382 with 7 home runs in 225 plate appearances. He also made 6 (!!) appearances on the mound, throwing 5 innings, with a 7.20 ERA, 1.40 WHIP, and neither a walk nor strikeout. Over the course of the season, the primary backup catcher also spent time at 1B, 3B, LF, and DH, as well as on the mound, truly doing whatever was needed for the team.

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The costume

I think the premier costume for Gimenez would be to emulate his postseason celebration costume. So how would you go about that?

First you need a pair of giant goggles. Those may be the most difficult to find, because you need them not just to cover your eyes but also to be water tight – more on that later.

Second, you need the beard. That would have required previous planning, but fake beards are certainly feasible.

Third, Twins postseason or even just team merchandise tee shirt that you don’t mind getting soaking wet.

Last, but most certainly not least, an ample supply of something wet to dump over the top of your head. I would suggest water for stickiness and odor reasons, but to each their own.

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If I can find a pair of goggles, I know exactly how I’m going to approach the children tonight as they ring my doorbell. In other words, if you hear of random children running down the street screaming about a bearded man with big goggles and a Twins shirt, soaking wet, attempting to simultaneously mosh pit with them and hand them candy, well, then the idea has spread!