Previewing the Minnesota Twins 2017 Potential Arbitration Eligibles

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Robbie Grossman

Probably the biggest positive development in the lineup this season was Grossman. While he hit just .246 and slugged only .380, he had a .361 on base percentage, something that was sorely needed this season in the Twins lineup with a number of hitters that had excellent ability to drive the ball, but did not always take a walk.

Grossman took the majority of the at bats at DH for the Twins in 2017, and he did hit 9 home runs and 22 doubles over 456 plate appearances. Grossman did work through a host of injuries this season, and he struggled when he was coming back from injury, which dinged his season long numbers.

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One positive that Grossman brings for the Twins lineup is that he is a switch-hitter, which allows him to handle pitchers from either side of the plate, with an on base over .350 from both sides of the plate. Interestingly, Grossman was one of the biggest weapons for the Twins on the road, with an OPS 170 points higher on the road and an OBP of .400.

Grossman was hitting better in the first half before injury issues plagued him throughout the second half, and you can see it in his numbers, as he his OPS was 65 points higher in the second half.

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With a salary just over $550K this season, Grossman will likely not make a huge jump in salary, but it will be up to the Twins to see how they want to fill out the lineup. If Miguel Sano is unable to go frequently at 3B and needs to be a half-time DH, then perhaps a bench spot is better spent elsewhere. The emergence of Zack Granite and his exceptional patience, defense, and speed also give the Twins the ideal 4th outfielder on the roster. I would wager if he’s making less than $1M, he could be back with the Twins, however, though he could also be a prime trade option.