Joe Mauer Moves Up On Minnesota Twins Hits List

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - JULY 23: Joe Mauer /

Joe Mauer moved up on the Minnesota Twins all-time hits chart on Tuesday evening

With a single in the first inning off of former Minnesota Twins pitcher Matt Garza, Joe Mauer moved into third place on the all-time Twins hits list behind only Kirby Puckett and Rod Carew.

Mauer’s current ranks

Mauer’s hit was #1,918 of his career, moving him past Tony Oliva. The next on the list would be Carew at 2,085. At roughly 140 hits per season the last few seasons since moving to first base, Mauer would move past Carew in May/June of 2018. Kirby is at 2,304, and Mauer would need an incredible pace to clear that number before his contract is up after 2018, at which point it is unlikely the Twins will bring him back, so he may achieve 2nd place and get no higher on the team list.

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In other statistics (1,500 plate appearances for rate stats):

  • Runs: 4th with 928 (3rd is Carew with 950, unlikely to reach Harmon Killebrew at 1,047 in 2nd)
  • Doubles: 2nd with 385 (Puckett is first with 414, could possibly get this before the end of 2018)
  • RBI: 6th with 846 (likely to pass Justin Morneau for 5th at 860, but 4th is Oliva with 947, likely out of reach)
  • Walks: 2nd with 871 (not going to come close to Killebrew’s 1,321)
  • Total Bases: 6th with 2,764 (Carew 5th with 2,792, could pass Kent Hrbek for 4th at 2,976, but Oliva at 3rd with 3,002 could be out of reach)
  • Times On Base w/o Errors: 2nd with 2,811 (Killebrew’s in 1st with 3,072 and would require an elite 2018 season to reach)
  • Batting Average: 6th with .307 (Shane Mack is 5th with .309, but Brian Harper is just below at .306, so Mauer could lose position as well)
  • On Base Percentage: 3rd with .390 (Chuck Knoblauch is 2nd with .391, so could move up)
  • Runs Created: 4th with 1100 (Carew 3rd at 1112, but Puckett at 2nd is at 1201 and likely out of reach)

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Sometimes we forget just how great Joe Mauer has been in a Twins uniform, but a night like tonight does allow us to remember how lucky we as Twins fans have been to watch his excellence at the plate for his career.