Greatest Minnesota Twins Catcher Poll: Round #2


Puckett’s Pond faces off two notable Minnesota Twins players and you decide which one was greater

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Puckett’s Pond is enlisting your help in deciding who the greatest Minnesota Twins in history are at each position. Eventually we’ll square off each position against the others and wind up with the greatest Minnesota Twin, as selected by you. The first position we’ll be selecting is catcher. We’ll only be counting literal Minnesota Twins and not the pre-1961 Washington franchises. Players also will need 700 PAs as a Twin to qualify. We ask you to consider the player based solely on his time as a Twin and at the position specified. We’ve faced off George Mitterwald vs A.J Pierzynski, Brian Harper vs Earl Battey, Glenn Borgmann vs Tim Laudner and Joe Mauer vs Butch Wynegar. Pierzynski, Battey, Laudner and Mauer emerged as the victors of round 1. Now for round 2, Battey will face Laudner and Mauer will be pitted against Pierzynski.

Match-up 1: Laudner vs Battey

We gave brief rundowns of Laudner’s career and Battey’s in round 1. We won’t repeat them here but if you need a refresher, check out Tim’s and Earl’s. Laudner has the advantage over Battey of winning a World Series as a Twin but Battey’s raw stats surpass Laudner’s.

Who was the greater Twins catcher? Have your say:

Match-up 2: Pierzynski vs Mauer

See A.J’s rundown here and Mauer’s here. Like Butch Wynegar, Pierzynski has the misfortune of matching-up against Joe Mauer. Pierzynski is a good offensive player but Mauer is (was) elite/historic. The pair compare fairly evenly on the defensive side of things. The only real chance Pierzynski has is if voters punish Mauer for no longer catching.

Who was the greater Twins catcher? Have your say:

Next: Could Franklin Morales be a fit?

The winners of match-ups 1 and 2 will face off against the other in round 3. Round 3 will determine the Twins’ greatest catcher according to you. Feel free to leave your reasoning in the comments. Check back here and vote for the rest of the match ups in this series.