Minnesota Twins Sign David Martinez, Marcus Walden and Others


The Minnesota Twins have signed David Martinez and Marcus Walden to MiLB deals

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The Minnesota Twins have signed relievers David Martinez, Marcus Walden and Raul Fernandez, infielder Leonardo Reginatto, outfielder Keury De La Cruz and catcher Jose F. Ortiz. Martinez is the only player of out the six to have reached the majors; he threw 18.1 innings between 2013 and 2014.  Walden and Reginatto have reached the AAA level. Fernandez and De La Cruz have reached AA. Jose Ortiz‘ highest level reached is single A.

In the Majors, the right handed Martinez had a 6.38 ERA, 4.01 FIP and a 1.418 WHIP. Over his minor league he has a 3.75 ERA, 1.303 WHIP and 6.5 K/9. He’s been mainly a reliever the past few seasons and predictably his rate stats have improved somewhat. In Venezuela this winter, he currently has a 4.20 ERA and 1.13 WHIP over 15 innings. He’s started 2 games and relieved in 6. He’ll most likely be heading to Rochester or below and will serve either as a strict reliever or as a swingman type. He’d probably be better off sticking to relieving.

Reginatto has 7 minor league season under his belt in the Rays system. He split his time between AA and AAA last season.He had a .687 OPS over 393 PAs between the two levels. He’s a light hitting utility infielder. His defence has improved but isn’t an elite tool. The 25 year old figures to slot in the upper minors for 2016.

Walden was a once promising Blue Jays draft pick who began to struggle past AA. He played independent ball in 2015, played briefly in the Reds system and is currently pitching in Venezuela. Walden has a 3.85 ERA in AA and a 6.79 ERA in AAA. He’s begun relieving more since 2014. The righty is pitching quite well in Winter Ball. He has a 2.06 ERA and a 1.14 WHIP in 35 innings over 6 starts. Hopefully, the improvements continue. He’ll slot into AA or AAA.

Fernandez has spent 8 seasons (one as a catcher) working up through the minors. He threw 61 innings of relief in AA last year. He had a 4.26 ERA, 1.288 WHIP, 6.6 K/9, and 0.6 HR/6 in 2015. The righty acquitted himself well enough to remain in AA for 2016.

De La Cruz spent 7 season in the Red Sox system. He played the whole season in AA and had a .658 OPS over 433 PAs. The right handed hitter can play all three outfield positions. He’s an average fielder. Boston once had high hopes for him. Peg him for the upper minors.

Jose Ortiz has played 4 minor league seasons. He played 2015 in A batting .537 OPS over 168 PAs. The right handed hitter was once a top 10 Reds’ prospect. He figure into the lower minors in 2016.

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These moves represent the typical minor league shuffle. Guys don’t quite work out with the teams that drafted them or fall on hard times and need a change of scenery.