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Byung Ho Park Officially Signs with the Minnesota Twins


The Minnesota Twins and Byung Ho Park have reached a contract agreement.

Byung Ho Park arrived in the United States a few days ago to complete his contract with the Minnesota Twins. Earlier today Ken Rosenthal announced his official contract signing.

The Twins shortly after released the details of his contract, which was reported by Mike Berardino.

According to, the Twins will hold a press conference to introduce Park at 10 a.m. on Wednesday.

Multiple sources have cited Park as saying he has “no problem with being the DH.” For the position he is in, it is the right thing to say. He needs to make a good impression. So naturally he is going to say all the right things. Ever since the Twins won the right to negotiate with Park, he has been tabbed as the DH.

In regards to Parks contract, he will be paid less than originally predicted by many. Many insiders said the yearly payout would be $5 million – $10 million. Park won’t make that much till 2020. He would only make $6.5 million if the Twins optioned to bring him back.

The amount Park is being paid is appropriate for the role he will fill in 2016. If he hits 25 home runs and drives in 80 runs the money will be worth it.

Previously I compared Jung Ho Kang to Park. I believe that Park’s BB% and SO% will closely mirror Mark Trumbo or Ian Desmond.

After a little more than a week of inactivity, the Park signing and press conference will be headline news for the rest of the week as everyone tries to figure out who Park is as a person, it’s the Minnesota thing to do.

According to Phil Miller of the Star Tribune, Park is nervous about his living situation but wants to spend the rest of his career in the majors.