Minnesota Twins: Wild Seven Run Comeback


With the amazing comeback the Twins improve to 47-40. They are now 3-8 against the Tigers this year. Since the Twins moved to Target Field in 2010, they have a 42-61 record against the Tigers. Which is the worst among the other four teams in the American League Central.

Justin Verlander dominated the Twins through seven innings, but could not finish the eighth. The Twins had only a few hits until that inning when Eddie Rosario, Kurt Suzuki and Brian Dozier singled. Dozier’s single scored Rosario for the first run of the game and sent Verlander to the showers. It was only the beginning.

Ervin Santana in his second start of the year with the Twins did not fair as well as Verlander did. He only went four innings giving up all six of the Tigers runs. This should not concern anyone. It of course looks terrible on a stat sheet but in the long run Santana is a good starting pitcher and will get his slider back on track. He’s a strikeout pitcher which to me means he’ll be really good on the mound or the slider won’t have much break and he’ll give up some homers.

Overlooked but not forgotten in this game was the three scoreless innings given to the Twins by J.R. Graham. Before the season started many people on Twitter complained about him making the opening day roster. Graham kept game in position for the Twins to stay in the game and make one of the biggest comebacks I’ve ever seen.

In the bottom of the ninth the Twins scored seven runs of the Tigers bullpen. The comeback was completed by should-be-All-Star Brian Dozier when he hit a three-run homerun to win the game 8-6. Coming into this home stand Dozier didn’t have a walk-off homerun in his career. Since Monday he’s had two.

Since the final vote process started you’ve heard all the stats and all the reasons why Dozier should be an All-Star. Nothing else can be said. Just sit back and watch the highlights.

Tomorrow Phil Hughes will face Alfredo Simon on national television.

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