Minnesota Twins: Five Burning Questions

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Is this who Joe Mauer is now?

Mauer, the career .316 hitter is hitting .263 this season. Coming off the worst season of his big league career Mauer started 2015 off with a bang. He hit .318 during the month of April and drove in 13 runs.

He followed up his hot start by hitting .240, but he drove in 17 runs. Last month Mauer hit .240 again, but drove in just nine runs.

Minnesota Twins fans used to be able to count on three things; Taxes, death and Joe Mauer hitting over .300. Now the former MVP is struggling to hit .250.

While his batting average may not be what Twins fans are used to, he is hitting an impressive .403 with runners in scoring position. If Mauer can continue to come through with runners in scoring position, his batting average can be overlooked.

If Mauer can somehow start hitting near .300 again the Twins will be a dangerous team in the season’s final months.

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