Minnesota Twins Use Of Jorge Polanco For One Game Is Irritating


There are a couple things that are throwing up question marks around the Minnesota Twins: the lack of offense, the Torii Hunter meltdown, lack of All-Star support, but the one that really gets my goat is the usage of Jorge Polanco.

For weeks now, Twins Twitter, the users of Twitter who tweet a lot about the team, have been buzzing with the thought, sometimes demand, of sending the struggling Danny Santana down and bringing the top prospect Jorge Polanco up from Double-A Chattanooga. Those fans got their wish to an extent with Santana being sent down and Polanco being up. Polanco only was up for one game.

Polanco got the call when fellow top prospect Eddie Rosario was put on the paternity list for a game. Okay, then.

If it is a one game situation, why tease Polanco and the fan base by bringing him up for only one game? The Twins are seemingly in love with Doug Bernier, the 37-year-old Triple-Aer who has only played in 46 MLB games, why not bring him up for the day to get yet another cup of coffee? Twins fans have no expectations for Bernier, but Twins fans want to see Jorge Polanco.

Polanco can do things for this ball club. He is a key cog to the future machine, potentially juggernaut, that is the Minnesota Twins. If everything goes to plan, that’s a big ‘if’ when it comes to Minnesota sports, Byron Buxton, Miguel Sano and Polanco look to be a three-headed offensive monster leading Minnesota to division championships in the near future.

I am certain that it won’t be long until we see Polanco and Buxton at Target Field to stay, but that’s exactly the point, why isn’t Polanco staying? Especially when the Twins are known to have the working mentality of wanting to get prospects to the major leagues and never having to send them down ever again.

It doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s like Hunter undressing on the field and throwing his equipment all over the place, it’s not logical.

In the long run, a one game sighting of Polanco won’t matter, it’s simply irritating.

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