Brian Dozier Absent From American League All-Star Ballot


The Minnesota Twins have the best record in the American League. You would never guess it by looking at the updated All-Star Ballot that was released today.

The only Twins player on the ballot is veteran outfielder, Torii Hunter. Hunter came in 14th among outfielders with 386,847 votes. Hunter is hitting .279 with seven home runs and 32 RBIs. His veteran presence has played a major factor in the Twins early season success.

The fact that Brian Dozier isn’t among the top five second baseman is an absolute shame. Dozier has been performing like one of the best second baseman in baseball. Jose Altuve, Omar Infante, Ian Kinsler, Jason Kipnis and Dustin Pedroia fill out the top five.

Among second baseman in the American League, Dozier ranks first in runs (41) and home runs (9). He’s also tied for the lead in doubles, with 16. He’s ranked second in triples with three. His 25 RBIs have him tied for second.

The fan voting is a nice way to get fans involved, but it’s an outrage that Infante has received more votes than Dozier. Infante is hitting .231, with zero home runs and 17 RBIs. Infante has also committed two more errors than Dozier.

The All-Star teams should be decided based on play, not by popularity. The fan vote is a lot of fun when it determines the last roster spot, but for filling out the starting lineup, it’s getting a tad ridiculous.

The fan voting is proof that Dozier is one of the most underrated players in baseball. Through the first two months of the season he’s played like the best second baseman in baseball. Twins fans, go vote for Dozier and get him to the All-Star Game.

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