Minnesota Twins: Is This The Real Life? This Fantasy Is Real


I waited and I waited. At the end of April, I handed the editorial reigns of this site over to Brennen Rupp, who has been doing an absolutely excellent job, to focus on college finals and other work. Since then I haven’t published a single article on Puckett’s Pond.

I’ve wanted to. Multiple times. What kept stopping me was the team’s success. Raging success. Something a Twins optimistic like me didn’t even see coming and I didn’t want to jinx the good vibes the Twins were having.

But I’ve finally had it.

I will finally talk about the Twins again because I have come to the conclusion that what we are seeing is not an illusion. The Twins might come back down to earth a little bit and maybe I’m just riding the positivity train, but these Twins are going to be fun to watch all season long.

The Twins are ten games above .500. The Twins are tied for first place in the American League Central. The Twins currently have the second best record in the American League only behind the Houston Astros. The Twins are good.

It’s been a long time coming, too.

Be it the new manager, Torii Hunter’s smoke machine, or maybe the fact that Brian Dozier and Trevor Plouffe are in their prime and are some of the best at their positions, this is happening, folks.

I know we are all skeptical to get on the bandwagon, because we know in this state that the bandwagon has a tendency of catching on fire, but think of it this way: it’s just going to get better. Soon the prospects we have been hearing about will be at the major league level and contributing to the effort.

Aaron Hicks is contributing right now and I think that’s proof that sometimes the dice just rolls your way.

If the bandwagon does catch on fire, just blame me for breaking my silence.

And Bill Smith just ‘cause.

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