Minnesota Twins Are Winning, Can it Continue?


Often times I reserve judgement in April. The first month is just too early to conclude anything. But now we’re nearing the end of May. It is hard to believe but the Minnesota Twins are about 1/4 of the way through this season. Time flies when your team is winning.

Winning. The Twins are winning more games than I’m sure a lot of people were expecting. Before the season started, I told all of my friends that I predict the Twins will finish with a record between 81-81 and 72-90. Going into this Chicago weekend series the Twins are 3 games above .500.

If their winning percentage remained the same at the end of the season, the Twins would have about 93 wins. I am pretty confident that will not happen. Looking at the schedule in August and September I see a tough two months. A majority of the teams will either be leading their division or in the playoff hunt. The last two months of the season is where we will really see if the Twins can stay above .500.

Could it be that all they needed was clubhouse leader? Torii Hunter has come in to mentor the young outfield prospects. However the mentor role he’s playing seems to have had more of an effect on Trevor Plouffe. He’s on track to set career highs in almost all offensive categories.

Most of the players that had breakout years last year have come back down to earth. Yet the team is winning more games. Maybe it’s due to the team chemistry. Maybe it’s a few new voices giving directions in the dugout. The Twins seem to be getting guys to step up in the bullpen and are now driving in the runs two or three at a time. Even when they are losing, it’s still competitive baseball.

I’m sticking with my original prediction. However I see the Twins much more likely to win 81 games than 72. If they sustain the pace and surprise me, than either way I’m happy, because it means they are winning again.

Other people are happy about the Twins too. It’s fun to win again. If the trends continue this could be a better year.