Minnesota Twins Need To Bring Eddie Rosario North


Give me Eddie Rosario. I want him on the Minnesota Twins on Opening Day in center field. Anywhere else is a mistake for the Twins.

Look at the names that are competing for the center field and fourth outfielder jobs and you will not find anyone that has huge future potential for the Twins. Chris Herrmann is a catcher than can play the outfield. Eduardo Nunez is a utility infielder that the Twins never should have picked up. Jordan Schafer makes an acceptable fourth outfielder at best and about the same goes for Shane Robinson.

Rosario has potential; the potential to be one of the main cogs of the future with the likes of Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano. So why not play him?

The 23-year-old has had a solid enough spring to get a look. I’d rather get a good major league look at someone we haven’t seen before. We’ve seen Aaron Hicks and it’s been the same thing over and over again at the major league level and his spring has done nothing to change that perception.

There is nothing wrong with giving a young guy a chance.

He has a lot of experience in center field, too. He’s played 169 games patrolling center in his minor league career, something that Danny Santana did not have a year ago and that experiment worked out pretty well for the Twins.

I’m not expecting Rosario to tear up the world, but there is no use in wasting time with people who are not going to be with the Twins in the years to come. The Twins need to find out if Rosario has what it takes to be a cog for the future and they have the perfect opportunity to do that coming out of spring.

The future started with the Brian Dozier deal; let’s not derail the train just a couple weeks later.

Give me Eddie Rosario.

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