Minnesota Twins Sign Brian Dozier To A Four-Year Extension


The long rumored Brian Dozier extension with the Minnesota Twins came to fruition on Tuesday morning when the club announced they had signed the second baseman to a four-year contract extension.

There are many interesting aspects to the extension that have been reported by the beat reporters down in Florida, one of those being that the Twins and Dozier discussed longer extensions. As in twice as long.

The Twins and Dozier obviously met in the middle with four which seems like a good amount for the time being. The contract can always be revisited in the coming years. Now for the money figures that everyone is wondering about:

That’s a pretty good deal for the Minnesota Twins. Brian Dozier is one of the best second baseman in the American League and is still getting better, signing him before he absolutely explodes (in a good way) is the best way to go. The Twins do still have their options open:

If the right offer came along, Dozier could be traded in a heartbeat. That’s something that won’t happen anytime soon. No teams have called about Brian Dozier this spring, all of them knowing that the Twins wouldn’t deal him. Dozier feels pretty good about all of this.

It’s nice to have you Brian. Let’s get that beautiful flow back now.

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