Minnesota Twins 30 Clubs In 30 Days Date Revealed


If you’re a reader of this site, I am sure you are well aware of where the MLB Network is on your satellite/cable network. If you’re looking for a bunch of Minnesota Twins content on the channel, we know your date.

March 31.

30 Clubs in 30 Days, if you don’t know, is basically what it sounds like. MLB Network features one ball club from around the league every day that they go in-depth on. The 31st is a Tuesday, so let your DVR or put an alert on your phone right now, so you don’t forget.

MLB Network also has a boatload of spring training games on the docket for this spring. The Twins are in 11 of those games.

Folks, we are so close to baseball, I can taste it. Get your popcorn ready. Turn the channel to MLB Network and just keep it right there. Want to feel like baseball is even closer? The Minnesota Twins’ home opener at Target Field is so close that tickets go on sale on Saturday!

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