Top Ten Promotions For The Minnesota Twins 2015 Season

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On Friday morning, the Minnesota Twins released the news of what I wait for every single year: the promotions. The promotions might’ve went downhill a little bit in the first seasons at Target Field. The squad didn’t really need them with the new ballpark smell still in the air, but they are back this year. FOUR BOBBLEHEADS!

I’ve been doing a list of what the best promotions are at Twins games for a handful of years now and this year might be my favorite year. There is a lot of good stuff up for grabs, but you’ll have to get to the ballpark early for it.

The ten I list will go in order of date, so we start at the home opener and we finish at the final home weekend of the 2015 regular season. Our first promotion, anyone at the ballpark will get.